If I were a rich bitch: Vol. 1

When you pick up CrossFit as a hobby, it slowly creeps its way into other areas of your life, and you end up with several sub-hobbies. These include:

  • Talking about CrossFit
  • Watching/reading CrossFit/lifting stuff on social media
  • Shopping for CrossFit shit

While I am not a girl who loves to shop, I do find myself a helpless victim of athletic wear companies’ marketing ploys. And this is maddening. Why would I ever spend more on clothing I use to sweat in for an hour a day than I do on work clothes or jeans?

Because I wear it doing my favorite thing. So there.

Except I don’t buy the things. I make a habit of abandoning virtual virtual carts full of sports bras, strongly worded tanks and booty shorts.

Here’s what I’m lusting over now, and what I would buy today… if I were a rich bitch.

Still Not Dead Apparel Not Today Satan tank – $25

How freaking cute is that little voodoo doll?









FLEO Witch, Please 2.0 shorts – $45

So Halloweeny. Like if Beetlejuice was a woman and had a nice butt.









Feed Me Fight Me Women’s Freedom shorts in blue – $43

How, HOW are these not called Wonder Woman shorts? Copyright issues?


Inov-8 FastLift 325 weightlifting shoe – $160

Love my Inov-8 185s. Can’t wait to get their lifting counterparts eventually. I’m a minimalist shoe lover.


Savage Barbell High Neck Black sports bra – $45

So very savage. Plus no chance of bend-over cleavage. Nice.









Double Under Wonder Well, Double My Unders! muscle tank – $20

If only I could double my unders consistently. Tarnation.


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