New box, who dis?


It’s a good thing you can’t see our faces here

This week, I couldn’t wait for Monday morning. After a long month of being a fitness vagabond (and a lazy bum, if I’m being honest), Violet Community CrossFit opened its doors on Monday, October 2. With a nasty wallball WOD, might I add.

Do you know what it takes to get a CrossFit affiliate in motion?

I’ve witnessed and partaken as this community:

  • Unscrewed hundreds of cubic feet of plywood from walls
  • Broke down a 24-foot rig
  • Packed an entire gym’s worth of equipment, horsemats and 24-foot rig into a moving truck
  • Stored everything in a member’s GarageBarn (I don’t remember which, so we’re going with this mashup)
  • Bonded online over home WODs
  • Got giddy at the chance to get together a few times in September at a neighboring gym
  • Negotiated a tricky lease and landed twice the space we had before
  • Got in good with the local chamber of commerce
  • Checked all the boxes with CrossFit Headquarters to become an official affiliate
  • Returned to said GarageBarn, and packed up another moving truck with said rig, horsemats and equipment
  • Spent late nights and weekends laying out the box, cleaning and refreshing equipment, screwing whiteboards onto the wall, painting wallball stripes and screwing a rig together
  • Walked in at 5 a.m. the first day like it wasn’t the asscrack of dawn, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, just ready to see familiar faces and do what we all love most

And the name Violet Community CrossFit is so fitting for this group, because we truly are a community, and this move has shined a light on this. Each person gave the resources they could and employed their best talents to make sure this community not only survived, but is set to thrive for years to come.

Walking into the new box feels like coming home. But better than that, it has been a privilege to see good friends bring a long-time dream to life. I know VCCF is destined for incredible things with the people we have at the helm, and I feel so damn lucky to be a part of it.

And sore. I’m pretty damn sore this week.


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