My favorite online CrossFit resources

When I was first getting into CrossFit, I scoured the internet for everything from the best shoes to how to practice damned double unders. Here are the resources I still use and trust daily:

For helpful advice/intellectual crowdsourcing: Reddit

Reddit can be intimidating if you haven’t used it before, as people are often pretty outspoken – but it’s a fantastic, underused tool. Plus, there’s no harm in lurking for a while as you get the feel for how the community works. The gang that hangs out on the CrossFit subreddit (the name for a specific community within Reddit) is insightful, helpful  and welcoming to beginners and advanced athletes alike. There are many L1 and L2 certified coaches who  regularly post and often a Games athlete or two. There have been AMAs (Reddit talk for “Ask Me Anything” – an expert Q&A where you ask the questions beforehand and the celeb/expert — Dave Castro, Noah Ohlsen and Julie Foucher to name a few — comes in and answers them at a certain time. with.

Before you throw up a question, check out the subreddit rules and guidelines on the sidebar. Also, use the search feature. Your question may already have been answered.

Pro tip: You will get eaten alive if you ask about shoes. Or at the very least get the “Lord, forgive him for he knows not what he does,” first comment. Do a search. Do some research. Go try some on. Don’t feed the Metcon vs Nano trolls.

For humor: The Overheard Press
Just exaggerated enough to make you laugh out loud yet real enough to make you shake your head, the Overheard Press is well worth a follow. With headlines like “Man Believes 41st Attempt at Max Snatch Will Be ‘The One’” to “Dave Castro Removes Hat, Uncovers Voldemort’s Face,” no one is safe from the unbiased scythe of satire. Chances are, you’ll share one of their articles in your gym’s Facebook group and then feel bad because you know someone who does EXACTLY what the article is taking stabs at. It’s fine. They need to hear it. And then laugh. Uncontrollably.

For cheap workout clothes: Poshmark
The ladies might already know what I’m talking about. Poshmark is basically an online yard sale. People sell the clothes they aren’t wearing anymore (or never wore) and you can haggle on price. I bought my first set of CrossFit shoes on Poshmark: a brand new pair of Nano 3s for $35. Granted, they are an older model, but BRAND NEW shoes for under $40. You can also find Fleo shorts, great deals on t-shirt and tank top bundles and even sweat bands and sports bras. Because, if you’re like me, your fitness wardrobe far outpaces your “whatever else you do with your life” wardrobe.

For logging workouts: Beyond the Whiteboard
Disclaimer: I haven’t used another program for this, so I have no comparison. But I can say that I have been so pleased with BTWB, from the app to the desktop version. I love how easily I can log workouts, even those I have to enter myself. I can quickly find my lift maxes and WOD times so I’m not fumbling around or guessing at 5:30 a.m., and it’s easy to see where I stack up against not only others in my gym but CrossFitters around the world. It also points out areas of weakness (overhead stuff, I GET IT) and I can easily scroll through my entire logging history. Plus at $5 a month, even if your gym doesn’t pay for it, it’s well worth giving up one Starbucks trip for a fitness “easy” button.

For a better commute: Girls Gone WOD Podcast
As with most people who listen to this BFF-based podcast, I feel like I know Joy and Claire personally. I so appreciate Claire’s thoughts on the struggles of staying fit while balancing life with a toddler – she keeps it real and honest. This parent shit is hard. I also appreciate that Joy’s background as a mental health counselor brings some interesting insight into the podcast, and her effervescent personality is contagious. They talk about CrossFit, but they also get into life topics like body image, nutrition and work-life balance. I love turning them on for my commute because they are an easy listen and can usually get me to laugh.

For lifting and mindset tips: Breaking Muscle
Though not specifically CrossFit, this site offers advice on everything from gymnastics to professional bodybuilding. Tried-and-true coaches and experts write the articles on Breaking Muscle that provide anything from tips on how to progress your handstands to one of my recent favorites – how protecting feelings hurts health. Their articles are well sourced, but written conversationally, just like someone would talk to you at the gym. They even offer workout ideas and strength challenges.

For adorable CrossFitting stick figures: WODman on Instagram
Exactly what it sounds like: it’s just a stick figure Instagram account, but the charming little fitness figurines always make me smile as I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed stacked with phenomenal real athletes and loud fitness apparel. It’s a great brain vacation – plus they sell t-shirts!

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